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Recuperating and Thankful

Posted by Cindy H French on 09/16/2009

I got the drain out of my head today. Boy did that feel good! I get to wash my hair tonight. Until you can’t you don’t realize how important that is! My doctor told me I am being impatient-now isn’t that a surprise- that I am not a 100% yet! Really, I thought since it’s just the scalp-how much pain could there be? I’ve found out and it’s a lot!

So, trying to rest. Answer some calls. Send some emails. I’ve really been blessed by my devotionals this last week. 2Cor. 1 3-11 says that God allows to suffer so that we can enter into empathy and understanding of someone’s else’s pain and suffering. He’s also reminded me about tending to my heart and spirit-which requires time with Him. Like when we go away from our house for awhile and come back with dust and cobwebs. I need to be sure that my heart is not a breeding ground for wrong thinking, wrong attitudes, wrong behavior. And lastly, cause I could go on for awhile, leaving a legacy. Deut 6:4-9 says to teach God diligently to your children-whe you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, whatever the time. I am so thankful that my kids are Christ followers. Really not because of my example, but because God is so faithful and I had prayed for them before they were born. Now it is up to us to teach the grandchildren the same things and most of all to pray for them.


So many people ask me to pray for them or their circumstances or I volunteer to. I wonder if they really believe that I do? Again, God is so faithful in HIS memory none are forgotten, so I am always reminded of who I should be speaking with Him about!

Tomorrow I start driving again. I also start this year’s Bible Study Fellowship program in the morning. We are studying the gospel of John this year. Tomorrow night I go back to co-leading our GriefShare Group. We have grown to 20 now. Death is always claiming new people and we have to be there for comfort.


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