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Today-September 2, 2009

Posted by Cindy H French on 09/02/2009

I am overcome by a bleeding heart. I know that my God is carrying me through my travails, but I have to admit my emotions get the better of me sometimes. Today I was praying with my sister who is in severe financial difficulty. I also have a brother and another sister who are recently unemployed. I am employed, but haven’t had the best of years and now facing this tumor surgery-I see the neurosugeon on Friday-am unsure of what the rest of the year will hold. Of course, my husband who would love to be able to financially support me, can not-this is his story.

My husband-the absolute love of my life had a mitral valve go bad in November of 2006. This was just after I had gotten my voice back from losing it with a stroke in August of 2005. I had started back to work on a part-time basis, when he was struck. By the time I got him to the hospital that night, 80% of his lungs were filled with fluid and his heart was filled up with blood, the oxigenated and unoxigenated going back and forth between the heart chambers as we saw on the echo. The doctor immediately came over and said he had to have surgery. We called our church for the name of  a heart surgeon and were given one. Then we prayed together that God would show us what to do. Guess who walked in that door in the next 10 minutes? Of course, my cardiologist along with this referred doctor! It seemed he was a mitral valve specialist and people come to him from all over the world. Could anyone other than God put that together?

After the catherization that took over 2 hours instead of 45 minutes, I followed my husband into CCU. I was told he was very sick and did I understand that? I asked, “What do you mean? Like he’s doing to die?” I was told his chances were not very good. His heart was very enlarged. They had put an auxillary pump on to help it and they had tried to drain as much fluid off of his lungs as they could. I asked them, “If he is so sick, why don’t you operate today?” I was told he wouldn’t survive an operation until they could get him stronger. This was a Wednesday night.

On Thursday night, I had allowed my parents to come over from Orlando. They loved him so much and wanted to see him before the surgery on Friday. My sister and daughters were there too. We all went to dinner that night at Fridays. As is our regular habit, we blessed the food and prayed for my husband. Toward the end of our meal, a lady came over and told us how neat it was that we would bless a meal at a public place. My dad spoke up and let her know that my husband was having open heart (literally they cut your heart open for this) surgery the next day. She said-oh let’s pray again. Then she asked us to step outside and listen to her son play his accordian!!

Accordian!! not my favorite instrument! And he had only been taking lessons for 6 months. Well, what else could we do? This poor boy apparently had been out there all this time and she had prayed with us, so we went. I say this, because there is no way he could known our circumstances-but God did. When I came out, he started playing Amazing Grace! So magnificiently! I sank to my knees-knowing His Grace was sufficient for me and knew that my husband would survive the surgery.

It has been almost 3 years. He has 30% heart function, but no other health issues! He does have a pacemaker/defibulator       done in 07. But he is back doing “honey-dos’ and keeping up our home! I love him so much! Thank you God for the gift of more years together! In May 2010, it will be 30 years!.


One Response to “Today-September 2, 2009”

  1. cshowers said

    Hallelujah! This scripture and this song (an oldie but a goodie) leapt into my spirit when I read this post and your post for today… And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19 NKJV).

    I hope these words bless you as much as your post from & today blessed me!


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