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Saturday-dealing with a benign tumor

Posted by Cindy H French on 08/29/2009

This past week I saw a general surgeon for a benign tumor (a lipoma) that is situated at the crown of my head. It had popped up in the last 3 wks and was pretty painful. After seeing my primary doctor, who ordered an MRI, I then saw a neurologist, who referred me to a dermatologist! The thing is in my scalp skin, not invasive into the skull.

The dermatologist did a biopsy, stitched it up, and told me to come back  in 10 days. I got the lipoma diagnosis on Monday. The only problem is that lipomas keep on growing. If they aren’t completely cut out, they come back! They are supposed to be slow growing and not painful, but of course MY Lipoma defies the norm!

I met with a great general surgeon who explained what it will mean to cut this much tissue out of my scalp. Not a pretty description. He also wanted me to consult with my neurosurgeon before going further. I am scheduled to see him on the 24th if not sooner-and I do hope it is sooner. It seems by the pain and feeling the edges of the tumor that it has grown quite a bit since Wednesday.

So my first feelings on Monday were-not again, why me?, I can’t afford to be away from work long, what in the world is God thinking? Why is He allowing this-one more thing to happen to me? I cried, I yelled at Him! I know that with every experience I have had He has brought someone into my life to share that experience and have complete understanding of how he/she feels! But this time, this time, I really didn’t want to do that either! I told the Lord to stop this! It isn’t fair that I have to hurt to share understanding, my faith, my God. I share with the people that come into my sphere every day. That should be enough!

I have learned the hard way not to stay mad at God for long. After a good cry, I opened my Bible to the Psalms. Once again, there was comfort and promise for His best for me. I was reminded again of all that He has provided and cared for and done for me all through the years. I know He is not going to stop now.

What was amazing was my first 2 calls the next day! Of course they would be people with brain tumors! At least mine is not in my brain! Something to be thankful for. But as we talked and shared, I knew that God was once again, doing His thing, helping me help someone else. In fact, after the calls, I raised my hands in the air and said, “ok God, I get it, I get it.”

So while I continue to work through this new challenge, I ask for YOUR prayers for me. That I will not be a complainer, but a good patient, always mindful that it could be worse.


2 Responses to “Saturday-dealing with a benign tumor”

  1. sorry, but could I ask what this has to do with a benign brain tumor?

  2. cshowers said

    Don’t you just love the way our God works? I’m currently out of my job on short-term disability… my finances are horrible… my back hurts terribly and yet I KNOW that this is not an attack from the enemy. This is all a part of GOD’s divine plan for my life and it makes no sense in the natural…

    And just like you have had to go through difficulties such as your benign brain tumor, He’s been taking me on a journey – not necessarily one that I would have chosen for myself, but the one that He crafted and planned for me. We don’t understand all of the whys and the what ifs could drive us crazy, so all we can do is lean back into His arms and enjoy the ride – kind of like being on a mad-crazy roller coaster.

    I can almost hear His voice whispering to me, “My thoughts are completely different from yours,” says the LORD. “And My ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts higher than your thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9 NLT)… Trust Me, we are going to accomplish great things!”

    Sis Cheryl Showers

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